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Best Artist Gifts 2020- Part One of Two

Hey everyone!

The holidays are soon here, I just had my birthday, so it is time to chat about all things presents!

Make sure you check back for my annual gift guide, but today I'm sharing with you what I would love to receive. Let's hope my family is reading this!

These are items that look beautiful and special to me, but I haven't tried them. Part 2 will be my tried and tested gift ideas. Let's start wishing!

More details about me: I am a mainly watercolor artist, I have a large collection of artist grade watercolors and other mixed media art supplies. I live in Austria, Europe.

Here are links and details of products mentioned:

ChossingKeeping is a UK based store that has a wonderfully curated selection of art supplies, stationary and other goodies. Here are just a few of the items I found intriguing.

The website has a great gift ideas section to make your life easier!

Choosing Keeping gift ideas

Abraxas inks at ChoosingKeeping

Kaweco Rose Gold Fountain Pen

I have the Kaweco sport version, which is plastic and cheaper, and I love it. I hope one day to upgrade to the metal version, and it will have to be rose gold!


I admit I am still in love with my precious, the Fabriano Vergatone sketchbook, but I am open to new things, and the Etchr sketchbooks have caught my eye. They are 100% cotton and I really like the white cover.

Brooklyn Art Library Sketchbook Project-

I love the concept. You buy a sketchbook, which supports the library, fill it, then send it back to live with the other sketchbooks. Lovely!

Hobonichi Day Free A5-

If you haven't heard about the Hobonichi planners you are seriously missing out on some Japanese paper magic. These planners are beautiful. The A6 is too small, the weeks in too narrow, regular A5 is too demanding, so this year I'm going for the Day free A5 one, which has the monthly pages and then a notebook.

Mossery sketchbooks/planners-

Haven't tried these but they sure look cute!

A.Gallo Tintoretto brush sets-

These gorgeous brushes are made in Italy, I already have one of the sets (the one in blue), and thouroughly enjoy it. I would love to try more, like the red set!

Check the Tintoretto brushes on Jackson's Art Supplies.

Handmade Watercolor Palettes (check locally or on Etsy)-

If you like the look of handmade items, and love knowing you have something unique, perhaps it is time to pick up a handmade palette!

How about Kristy Rice beautiful painter's pot?

Isn't it pretty? Such a clever idea!

Check out her shop for many other lovely gifts!

Some more ideas I didn't have time to include in the video:

Derwent Lightfast Pencils-

I love the Derwent pencils, and these look fantastic. When I mostly art journaled lightfastness was not an issue, but now that I am creating original art I may want to sell, I prefer to use lightfast products.

Find these here-

Jackson's Art Supplies

Amazon US

Amazon UK

Da Vinci Earth Friendly watercolor set- I have long wished to try this set, but Da Vinci seem to be hard to find in Europe. Maybe one day! I love the concept of earth friendly pigments.

Sennelier Ink Brush-

I love brush pens and would be curious to try Sennelier's version.

Sennelier Abstract Liners-

Not watercolors, but still look fun!

I hope you enjoyed and found some gift ideas for your artist friends or family. Don't forget to check back for more gift ideas!

Don't want to wait, check out previous guides-

Have a lovely day and I'd love to know what's on your wishlist!

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