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Best Vegan Watercolor Brushes

Hey everyone! Today I'm sharing a video I filmed showing some of my favorite most used synthetic watercolor brushes.

Why buy synthetic (vegan friendly) brushes?

Perhaps the question is what is wrong with animal hair brushes. The truth is, I don't know exactly how each brush is made. I hope the hair comes from happy animals, that are free to live their lives and left alone till their natural death. I highly doubt it though. As a vegan, I prefer to avoid the risk of supporting animal abuse. That is why I only buy synthetic brushes.

The reality is that once an animal derived material becomes a product, the animals exist to make their owners a profit, and so by definition is a commodity. The animal's welfare is not the priority.

There are even stronger arguements against hairs that are taken from wild animals, like the coveted Kolinsky sables or blue squirrls. These are wild animals and they have to be captured for the hair to be used. That is inherently cruel.

Synthetic brushes today are made with a range of fibers that immitate animal hair well. They are also cheaper, since no animals need to be captured or kept in captivity to make them.

So that is my why, here's the what :)

Shown in video-

Escoda Perla- http://bit.ly/2KYRT6P

Joseph Z set- https://bit.ly/3cOa9JW

Escoda Prado- https://bit.ly/2VFxVC7

Alvaro set- http://bit.ly/2Y5FzZg

Escoda Versatil- https://bit.ly/3aFz3dn

Escoda Ultimo- http://bit.ly/2Wx9RP5

Miss Led brush sets- https://bit.ly/2xR6koF

Jackson's Raven- http://bit.ly/2J1ZmPi

Princeton Neptune- https://bit.ly/2y29WUO

ProArte Swordliner- https://bit.ly/3eTSPF8

Da Vince Casaneo- https://bit.ly/2VDQx5C

Princeton Elite Fan brush #4

Jackson's sky stippler- https://bit.ly/2KzjxoP

Current favorites-

Ultimo mop #14 Raven 0, 3/0, 10/0

Pro Arte Swordliner small

More brushes I use/used often-

Princeton Neptune round #8

Princeton Neptube 1/4 dagger

Escoda Versatil rigger #10

Escoda Perla #10 & #14 round

I'd love to hear about your favorites!

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