• Irit Landgraf

Creating A Color Wheel with Any Watercolors

How to paint a color wheel with watercolors? I'd love to show you my way!

Today's post was born thanks to my viewers on YouTube after posting a video about how to choose colors for a painting, which I will add below.

Many people asked how I painted a color wheel with my choices of colors, as opposed to what is usually seen, which is only using primaries and then filling the spaces between.

Your wish is my command and I sat down to paint more color wheels and explain my process.

This is a good place to tell you that while I have learned color theory from books and online courses, I never dived deep into all the terminology and scope of the theory.

I learn as I go and I make up what I lack either by going back and learning more, or by experimenting and figuring out what works for me.

That is my non traditional approach, you've been warned. Enjoy!

I hope this was helpful, have a lovely creative day!

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