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Handmade Brushes- Let's Paint!

Hey everyone! Today I have the pleasure of trying out these beautiful new handmade brushes, created by Tracy Lebenzon.

Tracy offers a range of brushes made with natural and synthetic fibers, he is passionate about sourcing and creating sustainable brushes, and offers a lifetime guarantee.

I was forunate to try some of his brushes, and so far, I am loving them.

Go to Tracy's website to get your perfect magic wand brush!

Use the coupon code irit for a 20% coupon

Tracy offers flat rate international shipping.

Let's paint!

I will continue to paint with these and keep you updated on my experience and thoughts!

In the video I used:

Large Soft White Synthetic 120$

Wangi Orange Synthetic 55$

Small Brown Synthetic 25$

Itty Bitty Orange Synthetic 25$

Other products used-


Daniel Smith Buff Titanium

Lukas Naples Yellow Red

Holbein Bright Rose

Van Gogh Dusk Yellow

Daniel Smith Moonglow

Daniel Smith Watercolors-

Jackson's- http://bit.ly/2SBaLrH

Holbein Bright Rose (fugitive)-


Lukas Watercolors-

Jackson's- https://bit.ly/2GOapOc

Van Gogh Watercolors-

Jackson's- http://bit.ly/2kA7Ogr

Watercolor Palette-

The perfect watercolor palette??-


Find the palette here (shipping can be tricky to some countries)-

Amazon.com- https://amzn.to/3bsMMVH

AliExpress- https://bit.ly/2XxK11N

Watercolor paper is 300GSM student grade by Gerstaecker.

Thanks for visiting! Which brush is your magic wand?

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